Creating a new campaign is super easy.

Just click the "+ Add New Campaign" button at the top left of your Campaigns Hub, fill out all the details and click "Create Campaign".


Campaign Types

When you create a campaign, there are two types you can choose from:

  • Standard Campaign
    Choose if you are running a single one-off marketing campaign e.g. an event or product launch.

  • Multi-track Campaign
    Choose if you are running a series of related marketing campaigns, e.g. an album release with singles being released in the lead up.


Impact Dates

When setting you campaign up, you will be asked to add an Impact Date.

This could be the release date of a single, the date of an event or the overall deadline of your marketing campaign.

Setting an impact date isn't mandatory, you can add one later if you like.

If you want to add one later, just click the box that says "Add Impact Date" - or on the date - next to your campaign title in the header bar of your campaign once it's created.


Duplicating Campaigns

When creating a campaign, there is an option to duplicate content from a campaign that already exists under your account.

You can copy your:

  • Dashboards and module layouts

  • Team members (including dashboard permissions)

  • Social Connections/authorisations

  • Diary events that are linked to your impact date

  • Address book (people you have previously shared information with)

To do this, just choose the Campaign you want to duplicate from in the drop-down.

Next, tick the boxes next to the parts you want to duplicate

Fill out any remaining Campaign details and click "Create Campaign".

Please note: Duplicating a Campaign Team will also trigger emails inviting each team member to join your new campaign.

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