Check out the Timelines & Time Capsule help article for more details.

Chart Modules

Chart modules are available across digital retailers that have them available. You can find them in your Streams, Sales & Charts dashboard.

The big number is the track's current position, with the previous week's position beneath it along with a difference figure.

  • If the module is circled GREEN: the track position has improved.

  • If the module is circled BLUE: the track position has not changed.

  • If the module is circled RED: the track position has decreased.

  • If the module is circled GREY: the track is no longer charting.

To pick a specific chart to track, simply click the Settings Gear and pick the chart from the drop down list.



CampaignAmp tracks all featured and category playlists on Spotify, so you can see which playlists your release has been added to -- and how many followers those playlists have.

Popular user-generated playlists are also tracked in CampaignAmp. You can even add your own - more on this below.

Head to the Spotify tab in your Sales Dashboard and look for the 'Playlists' module, where you will see:

  • The date your track was added to each playlist

  • The playlist title with a link out to the playlist in Spotify

  • The playlist follower count

You may also see some icons next to each playlist addition...

  • Orange indicates a featured playlist

  • Grey indicates a playlist that was featured previously. Hovering over the icon shows you when the playlist was last featured.¬†

  • Red "No Entry" indicates that the track is no longer on this playlist¬†

We also show your total Playlist Followers count in the 'Playlist Followers' module. The colour of the module indicates performance: green is positive, red is negative, blue is no change.

If there are any user playlists that we aren't currently tracking, you can easily add these in yourself, including those from your own Spotify profile.

  • On the Playlist module, select 'Add Your Own Playlists Here

  • Enter the username or URI code for the user whose playlists you would like to track - you can find this information in the Spotify app

  • Click 'Add Playlists'

  • CampaignAmp will then track all playlists for that user.

Airplay Module

The Airplay Module shows you details of all recorded Radio & TV airplay relating to the Campaign.

It displays the stations that have played the track and how frequently, when it was played and on which show.

The Module features all stations that have ever played the track by default, but you can customise this:

  1. Click select 'Set Key Stations' in the module

  2. Flip the switch to select all stations in our database, or just the stations that have featured the track.

  3. Tick next to the station names you want to track

  4. Save changes

Note: If you do not set any key stations, all stations with plays will show. If you do set key stations, you'll only see the ones you've selected.

Social Modules

Check out the Social Modules help article for more details.

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