Timeline Modules are available in many Dashboards and help you visualise Campaign progress over time.

Timelines are specific to each Dashboard. If you drag a timeline into the Radio Dashboard for example, it will only show radio related data.

Use the button next to it to change the Metric Type - displaying data by Daily figures (ie the daily total for the data source) or Cumulative figures (ie the overall total achieved by that date for the data source) .


To set up a new Timeline module:

  1. Open the Module Drawer and select the Timeline Module

  2. Drag the module to where you want it on the dashboard

  3. Click the Settings Gear.

  4. Pick the metrics you want to show and choose any Campaigns you want to compare against

  5. Save settings

  6. Choose between Daily and Cumulative for Metric Type

You can delete timeline modules as you would any other, using the X located at the top.


Time Capsule

If you roll over any point in any timeline, you'll see what we call the Time Capsule.

This is a snapshot of all relevant information from your campaign on this date - including social metrics, chart & sales data and more.

If you click on any of the other Dashboard headings, you can drill down into the information for more contextual insight.

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