CampaignAmp is a responsive web application that fully functions on any device of any screen size. This includes adding information, so you can update your Campaign at any time, from anywhere!

Just head to the CampaignAmp website and log in as normal through your mobile browser.

While we don't have a CampaignAmp app (yet!), you can easily set a home screen tile on iPhone or Android for super fast access.


  1. Open CampaignAmp in the default Safari browser

  2. Log in by tapping on the menu icon in the top right (3 horizontal bars) - select Sign In and enter your details

  3. Tap the Bookmark icon at the bottom-centre of your screen (square with the arrow pointing up)

  4. Select Add to Homescreen


  1. Open CampaignAmp in the default Chrome browser

  2. Set it as a bookmark

  3. Press and hold the bookmark until a menu pops up

  4. Select Add to Homescreen

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