Update Campaign Details

Use the top section of Campaign Settings to adjust any Campaign or Account Details

You can also Archive or Delete a Campaign, or convert it to a Phased Campaign.

Check out the Campaigns Help Guide for more information.


Chart Settings

Change the singles, albums, books or equivalent that you want to track across your Chart Modules.

This is especially useful if there are more than one version, such as a standard album and a deluxe edition.

  • Default iTunes Track - Choose the iTunes single you want to track.

  • Default iTunes Album - Choose the corresponding album for your campaign.

  • Default iTunes Book - Choose the iTunes book you want to track.

  • Default Shazam Track - Choose the Shazam track you want to track.

  • Default Spotify Track - Choose the Spotify track you want to track.

  • Default Novel Rank Kindle - Choose the Kindle edition for the book you want to track in the Amazon Charts

  • Default Novel Rank Paperback - Choose the Paperback edition for the book you want to track in the Amazon Charts

For the most part, CampaignAmp selects these for you automatically.


Sales Settings

If you're authorised, you can sign in to your iTunes Connect account here, so sales and pre-orders can feed directly in to your campaign - and this is really simple to set up.

You will need your iTunes Connect details and your vendor ID to do this.

  1. Tick the "Collect iTunes Preorder/Sales Data" box

  2. Enter your iTunes Connect login details

  3. Enter your iTunes vendor ID (how to find your vendor ID)

  4. Scroll to the bottom and Save Settings

Once you've signed in, CampaignAmp will automatically track sales figures for this campaign track using the iTunes ID set in the Charts section of settings.

CampaignAmp also looks back historically to add any previous pre-order information as well as ongoing sales data.

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