Notifications Hub

If you take a look to the top right of CampaignAmp, you will see an envelope icon. This is your Notifications Hub.

When you have any new Notifications, the envelope will be orange. Click the envelope to see all new Notifications.

If you want to see old notifications, there is a 'See All' option.

You can delete or mark Notifications as read within the See All page.


Receiving Notifications

If you are the Campaign Manager, you will receive a Notification to let you know whenever something has been changed on your campaign.


Notification Settings

You can turn notifications on/off really easily - head over to 'My Profile' to do so.

Here, you can choose any Notifications you want to receive and turn off others where appropriate. You might choose email Notifications to be off but internal Notifications to continue, for example.

You can also set whether to receive a Notification whenever updates are made to your Campaigns, or to receive them as Daily Email Summaries of activity.

NOTE: With notifications turned off, you will be unaware of changes taking place in the campaign.

NOTE2: Notification settings apply on a personal basis, so will apply across all of your campaigns.


Weekly Email Briefing

CampaignAmp sends Campaign Managers a Weekly Briefing, direct to inbox on a Monday morning with updates on Campaign progress over the last week.

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