Updating Your Profile

When you first log on to CampaignAmp, you'll be taken through the Profile creation process before you land in the Campaigns Hub.

If you want to update your Profile at any point:

  1. Hover the mouse over your Name in the top-right of CampaignAmp

  2. Click "My Profile". Here you will see all your profile details. You can also turn Alerts on or off here

  3. Hit the big orange "Edit Profile" button

  4. Fill out your updated Profile details

  5. Upload a new Profile Image if you like

  6. Save Changes


Viewing Other Profiles

If you're feeling nosy and have some time to spare, head over to the Team Dashboard for a Campaign.

Click on any of the Team Members' pictures to bring up their Profile details.


Notification Settings

You can adjust your personal Notification Settings in your Profile. This includes Email and In-App Notifications.

If you're a Campaign Manager, you can choose whether to receive Notifications as your team make updates, or as a daily summary.

Simply flip the switches on or off for the relevant Dashboards.

Check out the Notifications Help Guide for more information.

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