Creating tasks in CampaignAmp couldn't be simpler. Remember though, you first have to create or be part of a Team to create a task.

In the Tasks Tab:

  1. Click the orange "+ Add New Task" at the top of the dashboard

  2. Enter a title for your task

  3. Choose a due date and time

  4. Include any extra notes - for example, instructions on how to complete the task

  5. Choose a Team to assign the task to from the dropdown, then choose a member of that team if you wantNOTE: If you want to assign a task to more than one person, select the "+" icon to the right

  6. Choose a Campaign to apply the task to, then a dashboard from that campaign

  7. Hit the orange "Save" button.

In Campaign or Planning and Workflow Hub Diary:

Double click on any date in the diary to bring up a window where you can select the type of event that you would like to add and follow the steps.

This will create a task with all the parameters you set and display it in the Tasks Tab within the Planning & Workflow Hub.

Task Email Notifications

You will be alerted via email and in-app when a task is allocated, is nearing due date or is overdue - and whenever anybody comments on your task.

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