It's useful to be able to focus in on specific teams, campaigns, and even individuals to be able to see more easily what they have on their list to be completed.

Use the filters on the right hand side of the Tasks area for this.

In the top section, you can flip the switch to show or hide tasks you have created yourself and allocated to someone else. This can leave you with a list of the tasks that you yourself need to complete.

Below this, you can expand to view filters for Teams, People, Campaigns and Dashboards.

Tick or un-tick the square next to "All" in each section to show/hide tasks for everything.

Tick or un-tick the squares next to each item in a section to individually show/hide associated tasks.

In this way, you can filter down to Online PR tasks across your whole campaign schedule, or tasks for "Patrick Bateman" in the "Huey Lewis & The News" campaign only.

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