Click on any diary event in the Diary or Scheduler tabs to bring up the Actions Panel. From here, choose any of the options to do more with the Diary Event.

You can also click the Actions button in your campaign next to the event.

Set Alerts for Events

Remind yourself or other team members of upcoming activity by clicking 'Alert' so send yourself email and in-app reminders alerting you of key campaign diary events.

Embargo information

If you don't want a piece of information to be shared outside of CampaignAmp either in individual messages or reports, select 'Embargo' and then enter a date for the embargo to lift.

Set Events as Targets

You can mark key Diary Events as Targets, which places a small marker next to them in your Dashboard.

This also means the event will show in any Release Planner reports that you generate.

If you want to link your diary events to the impact date so they move along with it if the date changes, choose 'Link to Impact Date'.

This also means the event will show in any Release Planner reports you generate.

Linked events will be used when you Duplicate Diary Events and Tasks when creating new campaigns.

Editing Events

Select edit to change any of your diary event details.

Delete a Diary Event

If a particular diary event isn't doing it for you anymore, choose 'Delete'.

Duplicate a Diary Event

This function duplicates the event so that it can be positioned elsewhere in the campaign if it is an event that happens regularly throughout the campaign.

Sharing Event Details

Got an upcoming diary event you want to shout about?

Select 'Share', then fill out a message and select your recipients before sending direct from CampaignAmp.

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