CampaignAmp connects with a number of digital advertising services such as Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Google Adwords.

Head to the Marketing dashboard to sign in your accounts and track your ad performance. This process is the same across each service:

  1. Make sure you're logged into Facebook/Google/Twitter with the account that has admin access to your adverts

  2. In CampaignAmp, open your chosen campaign and head to the Marketing dashboard

  3. On any of the Faceook/Google/Twitter ad modules, click 'Sign In to Authorise' and confirm

This then authorises us with access to your digital ad data for that service, to bring into your campaigns.

To select which digital ad campaigns you want to show detail for:

  1. Click the Settings Gear on the relevant authorised module

  2. This opens a window for you to tick which digital ad campaigns you want to track

  3. Once you've selected the ones you want, save changes

You will then see the overall performance of all selected digital ad campaigns - which when clicked will give you a daily breakdown.

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