Our main data source for website statistics is SimilarWeb, which automatically records and updates reach (Daily Page View) figures in our database of websites.


The Website Reach figures shown in CampaignAmp represent the estimated number of daily visits to that website. A ‘visit' is defined as an entry to a website from a different website or from the beginning of an empty browsing session, and expires after 30 minutes of inactivity.

These figures are now compiled using data gathered by SimilarWeb using multiple data sources from across the world to give the most accurate and unbiased estimations currently available.


Website reach figures from Similarweb are updated every day, with a daily views count for that website calculated as an average of the last 28 days (with a 2 day lag).

So for example, on March 30th, daily page views for campaignamp.com will be based on the average daily page views for that site from March 1st to March 28th. 

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