Generating reports in CampaignAmp could not be any easier. Unless you schedule automatic ones - more on that here.

To generate a report:

  1. Head to the Dashboard you want to generate a report from. Remember: you can generate a Campaign Report from anywhere!
  2. Click the orange "Create Report" button at the top of the dashboard
  3. Pick the report you want to generate
  4. Choose a template
  5. Let CampaignAmp work its magic
  6. Start editing your report!

Please note: when generating a report containing Radio or TV airplay data, there is an extra dropdown when choosing a template.

  • Current Week - contains the most up to date airplay data for the current week and the full previous week.
  • Previous Week - contains airplay data for the previous full airplay week and the full week prior to that.
  • Rolling Week - contains airplay data for the last full 7 days and the 7 days prior to that.

And when generating a Print, Online or Regional Print/Online report, you will see:

  • Daily - contains all PR content from the current day
  • 2 weeks - contains all PR content from the last 14 days
  • Custom - contains all PR content within the date range that you select
  • All - contains all PR content from the start of your campaign
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