When you're happy with your report, you'll probably want to show it off to everyone.

  1. Open the report you want to send if you haven't already

  2. Click the orange "Export Report" button at the top of the Reports Editor

Here, you have three options...

  • Download and save a PDF copy of your report

  • Generate an email with your full report in the body

  • Copy the report as text

If you decide to send your report via email:

  1. Select the email option

  2. Edit your report title & message if needed, then pick which team members you want to send it to

  3. Add any contacts outside the campaign you want to send the report to - either from your existing address book or as new emails entered in the field below.Note: Any contacts you enter manually will appear in your personal address book, available for future use.

  4. Save and Send

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