Once you've generated a report, you'll be taken through to the Reports Editor.

The Reports Editor works much like any other text editor - you can edit text, change font type/size/colour, add images and move sections around to create your ideal custom report.

Your changes are saved as-you-go, so you can always exit and come back to a report later via "Your Drafts" in the Reports Dashboard.

Text Editor

To update any of the text in your report, simply click on the text you want to edit on the left hand side.

This opens the Text Editor on the right, with most of the same functions as any other text editor.

  • Select content and click the Wand to mark information as new.

  • Select content and click the Star to bring key data to the top of your Report as a Highlight

  • Cut/copy/paste content, change font size and formatting, add in tables and URLs and change the alignment.

You will immediately see any changes you make in the Text Editor in the report on the left.

When you're happy, click "Save" - else click "Cancel".


Adding Images & Text

Adding Custom Images and Text boxes is really easy - just drag and drop them in from the Content section on the right-hand side.

Once you drag a text object onto the report, the Text Editor will open.

Dragging an image in either lets you add an existing image, or upload a new one. You could add a company logo, some approved artwork, or even an image of a timeline from one of Dashboards!


Adding Data Blocks

You can also add eye-catching blocks of key data into your Report.

  1. Drag in "Data" from the Content section

  2. Select the Dashboard/Module you want to add data from

  3. Confirm

Your chosen data metric will then appear in your Report - large, bold and punchy.


Refreshing Modules

If you've created a Report in the past but the Campaign has been updated since, you can refresh your report to bring in all the new data.

This way, you don't have to create a brand new Report every time - especially helpful if you've already customised one to perfection!

You can click the button at the top of your report to refresh all report modules.

To refresh a single module, hover your mouse over the area of the report and then click the Refresh icon.

Be aware that when you refresh a Module (or all of them), you will lose any extra information you've input manually.


Styles, Fonts & Colours

To customise the global font and size for different elements in your report:

  1. From the top drop-down menu under 'Style', choose the report element you want to customise - heading, title, text, whole document etc.

  2. This highlights the element in the left-hand report view so you can clearly see which part you're customising

  3. Next, pick your desired Font

  4. Then the Font Size

All done! There is no need to save as your selections save as-you-go.

Doing the above sets the style for that particular element in your report, so when you refresh a module it reverts to the style you have set here.

You can also pick the Colour theme for your entire report.

Please note - if you customise font text & size in the report text editor:

  • This will not be overwritten when you set global styles for similar report elements.

  • Your customisations won't be saved when refreshing the module or saving a template - it will revert to the global style you've set.


Report Templates

Once you're happy with the layout you've created and the styles you've selected, you can save a report template to use each time you want to run a fresh report.

All you need to do is click the orange 'Save as Template' button, give it a name and then save changes.

You can save over existing templates as well if you need to.

Templates apply to each different kind of report, so Campaign Reports, Radio reports, Publicity reports etc.

The next time you run a similar report, you can choose from any template that you have saved.

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