Scheduling a Report

You can schedule a report easily using the following steps:

  1. Click "Generate New Report" to the top-right of any dashboard

  2. Select "Schedule Automatic Report"

  3. Pick a Report and then a Report Type from the drop-downs

  4. Your report title will be pre-filled, but you can change this if you like - this will be used as the email subject

  5. Select the date and the time you want to send the report

  6. If you want to repeat this report - say daily, weekly or monthly - check the "Repeat?" box. You can then set the frequency and the date you want the reports to repeat until.

  7. Select the team members you want to send the report to.

  8. Choose anyone from your address book or enter comma-separated emails for anyone outside of your address book that you'd like to send the report to

  9. Include a message along with your report, which will precede the report contents in the body of the email

  10. Choose whether or not to reveal the recipients to one another

  11. Click "Schedule Report"

You and anyone included will then receive a report email automatically at the date/time/frequency you selected.


Editing or Deleting a Scheduled Report

If you want to edit or delete a scheduled report, you can do this at any time.

  1. Head to the "Reports" tab on the left hand side

  2. Select the "Scheduled Reports" tab

  3. Click 'Edit' or 'Delete' next to the desired report

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