Comparing in Timelines

To compare Campaigns in Timeline Modules

  1. Head to the timeline you want to compare

  2. Click the Settings Gear

  3. Pick up to three Campaigns to compare against from the drop down lists

  4. Save changes

Note: Campaigns can only be compared with previous campaigns from the same account owner.


Comparing by Published Date

For more content-reliant social media channels such as YouTube, Vevo and SoundCloud, CampaignAmp offers a 'Publish Date' timeline view for videos or tracks in addition to the default 'Impact Date' view.

To switch the 'Publish Date' timeline view for YouTube, Vevo or SoundCloud:

  1. Click on the Settings Gear to open the Timeline settings

  2. Select 'Publish Date' from the 'Compare Campaign By' drop down list

  3. Hit save

This feature is great if you want to compare the initial trajectory of videos or tracks with previous campaigns, giving you instant insight into your early stage campaign progress.

Note: You will need to log in and authenticate your social accounts for data to display properly. You will also need to select a track and/or a video.

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