Click the orange "Add New Information" button at the top of the dashboard you want to add an update to.

Next, select the type of information you would like to add. The options will change depending on which Dashboard you're in. Please see the menu sub-sections to the left for specifics about each dashboard.

Most if not all information updates follow the same workflow - When > Who > What > Save.

  1. WHEN is the date that the activity has occurred or will occur. It isn't the date of entry, which CampaignAmp captures automatically.

  2. WHO is the person or organisation that the information relates to. This can also include location details such as Venue.

  3. WHAT is the relevant information that you want to add, such as a playlist move or a Team Update.

  4. SAVE is where you can submit your information to the Campaign. Click the speech bubble to keep the Campaign Team updated.

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