CampaignAmp can bring in Airplay automatically via your chosen airplay provider.

If you don't have an account with them, you can also enter airplay manually.
This information can be added by clicking the Add Information Button at the top of the dashboard.

  1. WHEN - Pick the date the play happened.

  2. WHO - Select the Group, Network and Station from the dropdowns. Fill out the Show as well if you want.

  3. WHAT - Add the number of impacts (audience) that this play reached - or that you expect it to.

  4. SAVE - Click the speech bubble to send a message to the team and save your update.

Adding additional content manually:

You can easily add content to other modules by clicking the '+' button in the module header.

  • Playlist Update - Add playlist additions or spot plays across stations into your campaigns.

  • Radio Show - Add TV Show update to add details for a specific TV appearance.

  • Quotes - Use this module to add great quotes from Presenters, Producers, and others.

CampaignAmp Capture

Capture is a quick way for you to add web content & social posts to your TV dashboard.

Click here to download Capture from the Google Chrome Store.

Once you've installed Capture, you can click to capture website and social content as you browse, then select all the content you want and add it to the Team Updates module in the TV dashboard of your chosen campaign.

For more help on how to use Capture, head over to the CampaignAmp Capture Help Guide.

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