After you download it from the Chrome Store, you will have a small CampaignAmp icon in the top-right of your browser.

To capture web content:

  1. Click the Capture button in the top-right of your browser.

  2. Select "Capture Page"

This will add all the website details to a list, so you can save content in bulk to relevant campaigns.

When you're ready to add everything to your campaigns:

  1. Click the Capture button

  2. Tick the box next to the content you want to add

  3. Select a campaign and dashboard from the dropdowns

  4. Enter a Section and Type if adding to Online PR or Publicity

  5. 'Save to Campaign'

If adding to Online PR / Publicity, this will pull through the website name (if available), the reach figure, a URL and a screenshot of the page into the Published Activity module.

For all other dashboards, it will add as much available detail as possible into the Team Updates module.


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