Live Event

Select this option to input Live Event details.

  1. WHEN - Enter the event date

  2. WHO - Input the event location and any promoter details.

  3. WHAT - Pick the show type & artist event billing, enter any ticket information and add any notes

  4. SAVE - Click the speech bubble to send a message to the team and save your update

Songkick Tracking

Songkick accounts will connect automatically using the artist name.

Manually entered live dates will show up in the same module as Songkick events.

To turn off Songkick tracking, hover over the top left of the module and hit the switch.


Historical Data

The 'Live Confirmed Events' module allows you to filter the displayed events by hiding historical data. To turn this filter on or off, open up the module settings.

Once open, use the toggle switch marked 'Show Historical Data' to show/hide historical events.


CampaignAmp Capture

Capture is a quick way for you to add web content & social posts to your Live dashboard.

Click here to download Capture from the Google Chrome Store.

Once you've installed Capture, you can click to capture website and social content as you browse, then select all the content you want and add it to the Team Updates Module in the Live dashboard of your chosen campaign.

For more help on how to use Capture, head over to the CampaignAmp Capture Help Guide.

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