Data in CampaignAmp is split into a series of dashboards, making it easier than ever for campaign teams to digest the huge amounts of campaign data.


Overview Dashboard

The Overview Dashboard gives you a holistic view of top-line data and is the first place you land each time you enter your campaign.

You can customise the layout of Modules in your Overview dashboard, but you can't connect, add to or dive deeply into any of the data here - you should head into your more specific area Dashboards for that detail.


Specific Dashboards

CampaignAmp has lots of different dashboards, so your campaign team each have their own area in which to add their updates and collaborate.

You can add updates into your dashboards for commentary or context - and view more detailed data specific to your dashboard that you might not have on your overview.

More importantly, you can share information from your dashboard out to the rest of the campaign team by clicking the Action Button and then Share.

The main dashboards currently available are:

  • Sales, Streams & Charts

  • Marketing

  • Social

  • Radio

  • TV

  • Online PR

  • Print PR

  • Live Events

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