Data available:

  • Territory-level Streams & Downloads (48 hour accurate)

  • Territory-level Pre-orders

  • Apple Playlists (Date, playlist title, plays from playlist, position on playlist, country)

How to connect:

If you're authorised, you can sign in to your iTunes Connect account in the Settings Dashboard for data to feed directly into your campaign.

  1. Head to the Settings Dashboard

  2. Tick "Update iTunes Credentials"

  3. Enter your iTunes Connect login details

  4. Enter your iTunes vendor ID

  5. Scroll to the bottom and Save Settings

Once you've signed in, CampaignAmp will automatically track data for this release campaign using the ID set in the iTunes & Apple Music section of settings.

CampaignAmp also looks back historically to add any previous data such as pre-orders.

Finding your iTunes Vendor ID

  1. Log in to your iTunes Connect account and select 'Sales and Trends'

  2. Select 'Sales & Trends reports' from the menu bar

  3. Click the dropdown-menu next to your company name

  4. The number shown against your account/company name is your Vendor ID e.g. 80031235

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