Data Available:


  • Video views (incl. avg. view duration & avg. view %)

  • Video likes

  • Video comments

  • Video dislikes


  • Channel subscribers

Youtube Music Charts (Worldwide)

  • Trending 

  • Top Songs

  • Top Music Videos

How to connect:

To ‘follow’ a YouTube channel, all you need to do is enter the channel name - or the ID from the URL (e.g. UCUlDg0ZMBemcbBllfpr4Wxw) - in the box to the right hand side.

If you want to follow multiple YouTube accounts, just click the “Add Account” link next to the drop-down menu of channels. You can then use this channels drop-down menu to switch between the channels you are currently tracking in your campaign.

Once a channel is selected, you can choose a video for tracking in your campaign. Just pick the video you want to track from the right-most drop-down menu.

In multi-track campaigns, you can choose a video to track for each single release within your campaign. To do this:

  1. Select the release you want to choose the video for using the tracks drop-down menu at the top of your dashboard.

  2. Select the video you want to track from the videos drop-down.

  3. You can even track videos from different channels across different releases in your multi-track campaign if you need to.

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