Connecting the Data

You can track your Instagram data through the Social Dashboard.

You can either track the public data, or you can sign-in and authorise your Instagram account for more detailed metrics - including Post likes and comments.

  1. To connect to the public data, simply type in the username of the account and click "Track User".

  2. To directly connect to the account, click "Sign in using Instagram", and you will be directed via Instagram to log in and authorise the connection.

Instagram Business

You can connect to your Instagram Business account via Facebook for Business to get real-time metrics on your followers, engagements, reach and much more.

  1. Simply, click on the "Sign in Instagram Business" and follow the instructions to connect to your Facebook for Business Profile. Then choose your Instagram Business profile from the drop-don at the top of your dashboard.

If you haven't switched your Instagram account to Instagram Business yet, click on the following link for a guide on how to switch over your account.

Note: Make sure you are already signed in to the Instagram account of your choice in another tab before signing in.

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