Creating Campaigns:

In order to allocate diary events and tasks to Campaigns they must first be created on the platform.

Default Template Campaigns:

It is possible to create Default Template Campaigns that can be used to instantly pre-populate new Campaigns with Diary Events and Tasks.

You can create as many template campaigns as you like. In this way you could have a template campaign for Singles, EP’s and Album campaigns if required.

Any Diary Events or Task Events that are Linked to the Impact Date in a campaign will automatically be copied into the new campaign against the Impact Date of the new campaign.

Diary and Task Templates:

An alternative way to instantly populate new campaigns with diary and task events is to use one of CampaignAmp's template form's that can be uploaded into the platform.

With both of these methods you are then able to adjust your planning activity in the platform using our drag and drop functionality.

Creating Teams:

As individuals might work across multiple areas of a campaign or business (ie Social & Streaming or Online & Print PR) CampaignAmp allows users to create Teams for the purpose of allocating Diary Events and Tasks.

Teams can be created in the Planning & Workflow Hub.

Click on +Add Team in the Teams Tab and follow the steps.

Multiple users can be invited by adding their Account Name or email addresses separated by a comma.

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